PClib demo site

class form name "orderform2"
input CUSTOMER_NUMBER lb "Customer number:" pattern "\w{3}-\d{4}" html_title "AAA-9999" required
select PRODUCT lb "Choose product:" query "select ID,productName,productLine from PRODUCTS order by productLine,productName" required
text COMMENT lb "Comment:<sup>1)</sup>" size "50x4" maxlength "50"
button submit tag "button" lb "<b>Purchase</b><br>selected product"
button btn_products tag "button" lb " Catalog..." glyph "fa fa-bus" href "http://pclib.brambor.net/demo/shopgrid" popup

div.error-messages {background: yellow; border: 1px solid red; padding: 10px; width: 500px; }
<h2>Orderform demo</h2>
<tr><td>{CUSTOMER_NUMBER.lb}</td><td>{CUSTOMER_NUMBER} Format: "AAA-9999"</td></tr>
<tr><td>{PRODUCT.lb}</td><td>{PRODUCT} {btn_products}</td></tr>
<sup>1)</sup> Max. 50 characters allowed.<br><br>


<br><br>Note that &lt;button> tag support is buggy in older versions of MSIE and may not work.

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