pclib  2.3.2
Lightweight PHP framework
PClib callback functions

You can override default element print/validate handler for any element (tag) in template. PClib supports two events when your handlers can be called:

You must set your handler in elements section of the template, like this:

string NAME onprint "printName"


input NAME onvalidate "validateName"

for validation.

Next, you must define your handler in php source code. Note that handler can be any php callable.

function printName($sender, $id, $sub, $value) {...}

With print handler you can modify result printed into template, or perform some additional actions. Example:

function printName($sender, $id, $sub, $value)
print "Your name is <b>$value</b>";
function validateName($sender, $id, $sub, $value)
if (!in_array($value, array('Steve','Bill','Linus')))
return "This name is not allowed!"
return '';

Since php 5.3.0 you can use even anonymous functions as handler:

$form->_NAME->onprint = function($sender, $id, $sub, $value) {...}