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Data Fields
PgsqlDriver Class Reference

PostgreSQL database driver. More...

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Data Fields

 $ucase = 0
 Convert array keys of result set to UPPERCASE, if > 0. More...
- Data Fields inherited from AbstractDriver
 Active database connection link. More...
 Contains last error message - test it after calling any db-function to check if any error occurs.
 Store last query result resource. More...
 $forceReconnect = true
 Create new connection even if connection with same params exists.
 Required PHP extension - such as 'mysql'. More...
 $verboseErrors = false
 Include internal details (such as SQL code) into error messages. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from AbstractDriver
 setLimit ($numRows, $offset=0)
 The portable way to perform limit. More...
 connect ($ds)
 Connect to database. More...
 close ()
 Close database connection. More...
 seek ($res, $rowno)
 Seek resource $res to position $rowno. More...
 getInsertId ()
 Return last insert id.
 numRows ($res=null)
 Return number of rows in result $res.
 affectedRows ($res=null)
 Return number of rows affected. More...
 query ($sql)
 Execute query $sql.
 fetch ($res=null, $fmt= 'a')
 Fetch one row from query result. More...
 lastError ()
 Return last driver error message.
 codePage ($cp)
 Set connection character set. More...
 dbName ()
 Return current database name.
 columns ($table)
 Return columns metadata (name,size,type,nullable,default) of table $table as associative array. More...
 indexes ($table)
 Return indexes of table $table as associative array.
 quote ($str)
 Quote identifier. More...
 escape ($str, $type= 'string')
 Escape parameters for usage in database query. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from AbstractDriver
 Store portable limit clausule.

Detailed Description

PostgreSQL database driver.

Implements support of PostgreSQL database engine.

Field Documentation

$ucase = 0

Convert array keys of result set to UPPERCASE, if > 0.

Hack for access to pclib system tables, which assumes uppercase field names.

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