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TranslatorDbStorage Class Reference

Default Translator storage. More...

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Public Member Functions

 getPage ($lang, $pageName)
 Return translations for page $pagename and language $lang. More...
 saveDefault ($pageName, $s)
 Save string $s to default-language table.
 createLanguage ($lang)
 Create new language table. More...
 deleteLanguage ($lang)
 Delete language table.
- Public Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
 loadDefaults ($className=null)
 Load default parameters of class $className into object instance.
 setProperties (array $defaults)
 Set public properties of object from the array. More...
 addEvent ($name, $callback)
 Add event handler to $object->$name property. More...
 toArray ()
 Convert object to array. More...

Data Fields

 var Db
- Data Fields inherited from BaseObject
 Occurs when new instance of the class is created. More...
 Occurs when called method does not exist. More...
 var function() Return service object when requested with service(). More...

Protected Attributes

 var Translator

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
static defaults ()
 Set or retireve default parameters of the object. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from BaseObject
 fireEvent ($name, array $args=array())
 Run all event handlers in $object->$name property. More...
 service ($service, $default=null)
 Try acquire $service and load it into property $this->$service. More...

Detailed Description

Default Translator storage.

Save and load multilanguage texts from database table.

Member Function Documentation

createLanguage (   $lang)

Create new language table.

bool$copyDefaultCopy default language table into new language.
id of new language
getPage (   $lang,

Return translations for page $pagename and language $lang.

array $texts

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