version 3.0.0

  PClib - PHP component library

- Added namespaces: Most used classes (App, Grid, Form, Auth,...) are in namespace pclib
  i.e. pclib\App, pclib\Grid, ...
- Added aliases: As alternative, you can use non-namespaced version of class name 
  with 'PC' prefix: $app = new PCApp()
- It is possible use legacy classnames (i.e. App) by setting pclib.compatibility config param 
'legacy_classnames' to true
- Added 'pclib.app.make' factory configuration (used when controller objects are created)
  It is used by App->make() function
- Backward compatibility is disabled by default. To enable, edit pclib.compatibility config param
- renamed: Auth_User -> pclib\User, App_Controller -> pclib\Controller, App_Layout -> pclib\Layout
- renamed: App->enviroment, App->enviromentIp -> App->environment, App->environmentIp
- Added function App->make(), removed App->getController()
- Bugfixes

- Pclib autentification and authorisation system rewritten
- Added support of bcypt hash /PHP 5.5 password_hash() function/ - 'md5' is default
- All auth config parameters moved to new 'pclib.auth' key
- Class AuthUser rewritten and cleaned up
- Auth->getUser() now return AuthUser object
- Auth console code separated to its own class AuthConsole
- Http autentification moved to its own class AuthHttp
- Added element 'navigator' (breadcrumb navigator) to layout template
- Breadcrumb navigator code moved from class App to class Layout
- Added parameter 'table' (database table) to form template header
- pclib.js: Validator refactoring
  Added events onAjaxComplete, onValidate, methods validateForm(), showErrors()
- Pagination code moved to new class GridPager. Grid->pager now contains this class.
- dump() output improved
- App->make() replaced with newController(), newModel()
- Bugfixes

 - Added parameters to error.tpl, better message in errorlog
 - Added class TemplateFactory for building forms and grids from db-columns
 - Templates assets/def_*.tpl renamed to assets/default-*.tpl and updated
 - Tpl->create() uses TemplateFactory now
 - Added _tvar template variables
 - Added methods Grid->exportCsv() and Grid->getExportCsv()
 - Removed function ifnot()
 - Added config parameter 'pclib.security'
 - Changed form-upload fileName format
 - GridForm fixed and updated
 - Bugfixes

 - Added classes TplParser, parser code moved from Tpl to TplParser
 - Added classes Validator, BaseValidator
 - Removed class FormValidator, Form uses Validator for validation
 - Added validation rules url, range, integer, minlength, time
 - Added class FileStorage
 - Added attribute 'multiple' for input file (multiple file upload support)
 - Added template attribute 'escape' - it escapes html tags from output
 - Template attribute 'datasource' can be callable (or route path)
 - Added attribute 'confirm' to button tag
 - Added composer support: use "composer require lenochware/pclib" for installation
 - various bugfixes and small changes

- Added Auth->verifyRemote config param
- Added Form->addHidden(), Form->preparedValues(), removed Form->prepare()
- Breadcrumb navigator can be generated as UL
- Various improvements and bugfixes

- Added pclib ORM (beta):
- Added classes orm\Selection, orm\Model, orm\Relation
- Added methods ->model() and ->selection() into Controller class
- Added method Grid->setSelection(orm\Selection $sel)

- Added template tag attribute confirm: link ln confirm "confirm_message"
- Added including of templates: include INCL1 file "template.tpl"
- Added default_print "div" into default form template
- Tpl->addTag() will accept attribute 'after': input I10 ... after "I5"
- Various improvements and bugfixes

- orm: Added sum() and avg() for Selection
- better js date validation
- replace recursive for config parameters
- Added calculated fields
- bugfixes
- PHP 5.4 is required

- Removed php notices
- Added FileStorage->copyFile(), css-class "sort active", tag "select multiple", AuthConsole->executeScript()
- Added Tree.setQuery(), Tree.htmlTemplate()
- Bugfixes

- Added 'size_mb' atrribute to input file (max allowed size of file in MB)
- Improved DebugBar ($app->debugMode = true)
- Added EventManager. Changed working with events. Example: $app->events->on('app.error', $myHandler);
- Added function ddump(), jdump() rewritten
- Added Controller->action(), Controller->template() - shortcuts to call action or create template
- Added Controller->authorize() - use it before actions requiring authorization
- Set BaseController->defaultAction() for page-not-found message
- Added AuthUser->changePassword()
- Removed legacy features - config key 'pclib.compatibility'
- Added config key 'pclib.app' - quick setup of the application (databaze connection, auth, logger, default route etc.)
- Some bugfixes, as always

- Class Tree rewritten (output is fully customizable with template now)
- Added Grid->exportExcel(), Db->insertUpdate(), Form->getFile()
- Db: Support of array-to-list parameters
- Added function safe_session_start()
- Cleaning up, bugfixes

- PHP 8.2 support
- Date format uses date() instead of deprecated strftime()
- Security fixes
- Added Db->slowQueryLog

- Enabled config parameter tpl-escape - template variables are escaped by default
- Form is generating <button> tag for buttons by default
- Removed XHTML support, removed Form ajaxget
- Added template globals: TplGlobals class
- Added application parameters: AppParams class
- Added bcrypt-md5 password hash algo
- Added Db->info, Db->fetchPair(), Selection->selectPair()
- Added Grid->setFields()
- Php 7 and 8 fixes, various small changes and improvements

- Rewritten FileStorage API
- Improved Layout->addScripts()
- Added Auth->reloadLoggedUser()
- Improved GridPager, removed pager "nohide", added {pager.visible}
- Improved jdump(), added debug_sql_log()
- Bugfixes

- Added template attribute 'default' for button
- Added Model relationsCache
- Added Model events (model.before-save, model.after-save, model.before-delete, model.after-delete)
- Added template attribute 'notranslate' for lookup tags (do not translate lookup values)
- Bugfixes, small updates

- Default password is never stored in db
- Errors will print debug information only on localhost by default (use $app->environmentIp(['your-ip' => 'develop']) to setup develop environment)

- Assets moved to new directories pclib/www and pclib/tpl
- Added Controller->allowDashInAction, Controller->outputJson()
- Fixed escaping SQL identifiers
- Added html5 input file attribute accept "allowed-file-types" (e.g. accept "image/*")
- Validation file size and type ond client and server
- Added Form->loadFiles(): after loading you can access file information in template as {file."param"} e.g. {file.ORIGNAME}
- Added template tag modifiers {field.int_value}, {field.string_value} (for escaping in javascript code)
- Template variables such as {@baseurl}
- Tpl->setAttr(), Tpl->htmlTag() clean-up
- Added javascript function pclib.initLinks() which enable ajax links

- Logger: optimized, list of user agents updated
- Added Tree->auth, Tree->map()
- AuthConsole messages improved, added role +right command
- Added Router->index and '/self' route
- Debugbar (App->debugMode) rewritten
- Added column AUTHOR_ID into tables AUTH_USERS, AUTH_ROLES
- Added class Str - string utilities (PHP extension 'mbstring' is required)
- Configuration: changed pclib.errors config parameters to boolean
- possibility disable pclib error handler with 'pclib.errors' => ['display' => 'php'] in config
- fixed PHP 8.2 support