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  PClib - PHP component library

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lenochware25. 05. 2015. 17:43:17
Ano, zcela zadarmo. :)
aaa27. 04. 2015. 14:38:15
Toto robite zadarmo??
lenochware16. 05. 2014. 11:18:15
Try http://pclib.brambor.net/download/pclib.zip
monik11. 05. 2014. 18:00:05
not able to download the framework
lenochware14. 09. 2012. 17:37:14
Hello. You must be more specific. What do you want do? Basically you can use javascript in templates same way like in static pages.
Also there is no problem use any javascript framework, for example jquery.
Vasanth12. 09. 2012. 10:05:52
hi, Thanks for this wonderful thing called PCLib. I am developing a mini app for my small business in tour operations. I have a doubt on using javascript. Is there any example on the site where an external js is being called and data is brought. would be glad if you can help me with this. regards - Vasanth
lenochware27. 10. 2011. 11:07:10
Thank you. But I checked it, and it works. Are you sure that you have table ELOG_LABELS in your database?
You must run sql script, which creates necessary database structures. It is in file install/pclib.sql in package pclib.zip.
BalaPerdida19. 10. 2011. 17:49:12
I wish express my sincerly contratulations for this product. Wathever, I follow all your intications to install the demo, it responses this:
Application Warning: 1146: Table '[mydomain]_demodb.ELOG_LABELS' doesn't exist index.php:17 -
> eventlog.php:130 [backtrace]. Perhabs your dowload pack is bad.
lenochware15. 08. 2011. 10:59:25
Mimochodem ted jsem zjistil, ze php umi i zapnout podporu mbstring pro standardni funkce pomoci direktivy mbstring.overload - http://php.net/manual/en/mbstring.overload.php
Cili to by melo ten problem vyresit i bez zasahu do zdrojoveho kodu.
lenochware11. 08. 2011. 10:24:15
Financne neni treba. :) Ale diky. Nicmene pokud se ti pclib libi, muzes se o nem prilezitostne nekde zminit a treba rict, proc se ti libi vic nez X. Pclib ma jen velmi malo uzivatelu a neni o nem zadne povedomi.
Jinak si vzdycky rad poslechnu zkusenosti s pouzivanim a eventualni napady na vylepseni (i kdyz to samozrejme neznamena ze budu kazdy napad realizovat)
No a pak je tu jeste moznost pro ty, kdo se na to citi a chteji tomu obetovat cas a praci, zapojit se do vyvoje - napriklad zlepsenim dokumentace a bugfixy.

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