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lenochware14. 08. 2009. 13:13:37
These are not real errors, just notices. You can ignore it. Set error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE); at beggining of your script and notices will not be shown.
I'm glad that you choose my framework, I hope that it will work fine for you.:)
deimos11. 08. 2009. 13:44:47
Tested it on a real hosted web server, it's working fine ! sorry for the false alert. My first attempt was on a wamp server, i suppose something is not right in server parameters.

I'm good now for my first test, will be happy to see next version improvement, have a good day.
deimos11. 08. 2009. 10:33:11
oups message to long ... sorry. in short i have these error at first page : (and more on other).

Notice: Undefined variable: config in D:\wamp\www\pclib\common\pclib\pcl.php on line 67

Notice: Undefined index: APPNAME in D:\wamp\www\pclib\common\pclib\tpl.php on line 686

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in D:\wamp\www\pclib\common\pclib\tpl.php on line 340

deimos11. 08. 2009. 10:31:26
Cool ! No problème to discuss here ,D i really want to try you framework cause i think that you have touch the simplicity and efficacity i really like.

But i have some error running the 1.2.2b , it's seems i miss something or my test environement is not well configured.

i just dowload and extract the demo example and on the first page i have those errors :

Notice: Undefined variable: config in D:\wamp\www\pclib\common\pclib\pcl.php on
lenochware07. 08. 2009. 15:20:44
Yes, I'm here. I would prefer discuss it here, rather than email, if it is possible for you.
(btw. in short time I will publish new version of pclib with full xhtml support, new database layer and many other improvements!)
deimos07. 08. 2009. 10:06:42
hello ! Are you still there ? , i was looking for a fast and pragmatic framework for simple php web site, and i really like your way of thinking the problème, BUT ! i have some problème whith the 1.1.2b is there anymail where i can speak with you ?

Sorry my english is terrible !

my mail : deimos@noos.fr
A-TEAM03. 09. 2008. 13:33:12
Ahoj. Pouzivam uz nejakou dobu pclib. Chvili trvalo nez jsem se prokousal ale stalo to za to. Je to navrzeny naprosto perfektne. Vsem to vrele doporucuji. Ja uz jsem dokonce udelal nejake potomky tech trid takze dnes to umi uz snadno pridavat i javaskriptovy kalendar, autokompletacni pole a strom.
lenochware22. 05. 2008. 08:45:19
No, stáhneš si pclib, popøípadì examples a mùžeš to zaèít používat.
Renata21. 05. 2008. 11:59:06
Vypadá to zajímavì. Kde se to dá vyzkoušet?
Nefunguje mi http://pclib.brambor.net/media/grid2.jpg
name07. 05. 2008. 15:43:36
another test

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