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class grid name "loglist"
string IP lb "IP Address"
string FULLNAME lb "Username"
string ACTIONNAME lb "Event"
string LOGGERNAME lb "Logger"
string DT lb "Timestamp"
string UA lb "User Agent"
pager pager size "10" pglen "20"

This is list of logger events coming from database table LOGGER.<br>
LOGGER table stores only integers, any textual description is automatically added
into lookup table LOGGER_LABELS.<br>
Label of any event is added at first use.<br>
<li>Username: If you have application with authorisation enabled,
logger class stores ID of currently logged user
<li>Logger: Specified in logger constructor. You can have more than one logger
in application, with different configurations.
<li>Event and ID: Any action in our application is identified by string (route)
"$controller/$action/$id" which means: do action $action of controller $controller with object $id.<br>
This structure is supported by class 'app' (now in experimental stage).<br>
However, Event (Action) label is plain text, so you can log anything here.<br>
We use Action label in format "appname/controller/action" where appname is application name (demo)
and controller is name of the visited example.<br>
<li>MSG: It's possible add free text message to any event. If you add message, it is stored in table
<li>Try click on these links, for adding events into log:
<li><a href="index.php?r=eventlog/action1">action1</a>
<li><a href="index.php?r=eventlog/action2&id=100">action2 on object with ID=100</a>
<li><a href="index.php?r=eventlog/warning1">test of warning</a>

<table class="grid" border="0" width="800">
<th align="left">{DT.lb}</th>
<th align="left">{FULLNAME.lb}</th>
<th align="left">Category</th>
<th align="left">{LOGGERNAME.lb}</th>
<th align="left">{ACTIONNAME.lb}</th>
<th align="left">{UA.lb}</th>
<th align="left">{IP.lb}</th>
<th align="left">ID</th>
<th align="left">MSG</th>
<!-- BLOCK items -->
<tr title="{COMMENT}">
<td align="left">{DT}</td>
<td align="left">{FULLNAME}</td>
<td align="left">{CATEGORY}</td>
<td align="left">{LOGGERNAME}</td>
<td align="left">{ACTIONNAME}</td>
<td align="left">{UA}</td>
<td align="left">{IP}</td>
<td align="left">{ITEM_ID}</td>
<td align="left">{if MESSAGE}<a href="#" title="{MESSAGE}">**</a>{/if}</td>
<!-- BLOCK end -->
<div class="pager">{pager}</div>

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