PClib demo site

class gridform name "productlist"
primary ID
check PSEL nosave
string productCode
input productName size "10" maxlength "70"
select productScale list "1:10,1:10,1:12,1:12,1:18,1:18,1:24,1:24,1:32,1:32,1:50,1:50"
radio inStock list "1,Yes,2,No"
string productLine
string productVendor
string productDescription size "40" tooltip
text COMMENT size "60x2" default "A form element out of grid rows."
button submit lb "Update"
pager pager pglen "20"

.radio-group div {float:left}
<h4>Class gridform: datagrid with form elements.</h4>
<table class="grid" border="0">
<th>Product Code</th>
<th>Product Name</th>
<th>In Stock</th>
{BLOCK items}
<div class="pager">{pager}</div>

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