PClib demo site

class form name "basicform" route "multilang/lang:{GET.lang}"
input NAME lb "Name:" required
input SURNAME lb "Surname:" required
radio SEX lb "Sex:" mls list "M,Male,F,Female" size "4x1"
select INTERESTS mls list "1,Music,2,Movies,3,Programming" lb "Interests:"
text COMMENT lb "Comment:" size "50x4"
link cs route "multilang/lang:cs" lb "Czech"
link en route "multilang/lang:en" lb "English"
button submit lb "Submit form"

<p class="gray">{en} | {cs}</p>

<h1><M>Multilanguage form</M></h1>
<p><M>You can use mark text for translation in any template. Text in tag
<b>&lt;M>any text&lt;/M></b> will be translated.</M></p>
<p><M>Labels of grid or form are translated automatically.</M></p>

<tr><td>{NAME.lb}</td><td width="400">{NAME} {NAME.err}</td></tr>
<tr><td>{SURNAME.lb}</td><td>{SURNAME} {SURNAME.err}</td></tr>
<tr><td colspan="2">

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