pclib  2.3.2
Lightweight PHP framework
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
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 CAuthConsoleExecute auth console commands, see execute() method
 CAuthHttpHttp authentication
 CAuthManagerAuth entities (users,roles,rights) management
 CDebugBarShow DebugBar in your web-application
 CGridFormJust like grid, but you can use form tags: input, select, check, etc
 CTemplateFactoryTemplate factory
 CModelBase class for any application model
 CRelationIt represents related record(s) of the Model
 CSelectionSelection of records in database
 CAbstractDriverBase class for database driver
 CMysqlDriverMySQL database driver
 CPdoDriverAbstract PDO database driver
 CPdoMysqlDriverPDO mysql database driver
 CPdoSqliteDriverSQLite database driver
 CPgsqlDriverPostgreSQL database driver
 CAuthDbStorageDefault Auth storage
 CLoggerDbStorageThis class is responsible for reading/writing of the log
 CTranslatorDbStorageDefault Translator storage
 CAuthBaseBase class for most classes of authorization system
 CAutoloaderSimple autoloading of the classes
 CBaseObjectAncestor of all pclib classes
 CErrorHandlerCatch errors and exceptions and show improved error messages
 CTplParserParse pclib template with pclib-elements code
 CValidatorBaseBase class for any pclib Validator
 CActionIt encapsulates call of the controller's action: $controller->method($params)
 CAppGives global access to web application
 CAuthProvides authentication and authorization support
 CAuthUserProvides access to user account, user roles and permissions
 CControllerBase class for any application controller
 CDbSimple database wrapper
 CDebuggerProvides API for variable dumps, stack trace and profiling
 CExceptionBase class for all pclib exceptions, allowing message with placeholders suitable for translation
 CFileStorageProvides file management functions
 CFormCreate and manage forms
 CGridDisplaying tabular data in table layout
 CGridPagerProvides paginator calculations and rendering of the grid pager
 CLayoutTemplate extended with 'head' tag, allowing add links to *.js and *.css files
 CLoggerThis class offers fast and space-saving database logger
 CRequestProvides unified access to HTTP request
 CRouterTranslates URL to instance of Action class
 CTplTemplate engine
 CTranslatorTranslate strings to another language
 CTreeLoad tree structure and render it as unordered list (ul)
 CValidatorValidator with common validation rules
 CPclibPclib initialization and autoloading