pclib  2.3.2
Lightweight PHP framework
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 AbstractDriver.phpPClib database driver
 App.phpWeb application
 Auth.phpAuthentication and authorization
 AuthBase.phpBase class for most classes of authorization system
 AuthHttp.phpHttp authentication
 AuthManager.phpClass AuthManager - Auth entities (users,roles,rights) management
 AuthUser.phpClass AuthUser
 Autoloader.phpAutoloader class
 BaseObject.phpAncestor of all pclib classes
 Config.phpPClib default configuration
 Db.phpPClib database layer
 Debugger.phpDebugger class
 ErrorHandler.phpErrorHandler class
 FileStorage.phpProvides file management functions
 Form.phpForm management class
 Func.phpPClib constants, global functions and variables
 Grid.phpDisplaying tabular data in table layout
 GridForm.phpGrid with form capabilities
 GridPager.phpGrid pagination
 Logger.phpLogger class
 Model.phpMVC Model class
 MysqlDriver.phpPClib database driver
 pclib.phpGlobal class pclib
 PdoDriver.phpPClib database driver
 PdoMysqlDriver.phpPClib database driver
 PdoSqliteDriver.phpPClib database driver
 PgsqlDriver.phpPClib database driver
 Relation.phpRelation class
 Request.phpHttp-Request class
 Router.phpApplication router
 Selection.phpSelection of records in database
 TemplateFactory.phpTemplate factory
 Tpl.phpPClib template engine
 TplParser.phpTplParser class
 Translator.phpMultilanguage support
 Tree.phpUL-tree generator
 Validator.phpValidator with common validation rules
 ValidatorBase.phpBase class for any pclib Validator